What to wear | Katy TX photographer

It’s no secret that NEUTRALS and soft colors are my favorite for portraits!  Why???  Neutrals are timeless and they go with anything… So when you hang your portraits in your house they will go with the decor in your home even if you change the color scheme in the future.  Also neutrals and soft colors will keep your focus on the subjects in your pictures, not the clothing!  Soft colors look beautiful with the lighting at sunset.   Bright colors are distracting and don’t photograph well.  Gray, cream, beige, blush/ light pink and light blue are my favorite choices!

Katy photographer

Since a lot of my clients are babies under one year old, I recommend that babies avoid wearing shirts with a collar.  Polo shirts and collared button downs are super cute, but for young babies they tend to hide their neck and cover up part of their face.  Henley’s are a popular choice for boys!