Photographers in Katy | Framed portraits

Photographers in Katy | Framed portraits

Photographers in Katy | Framed portraits

Your session is over and you love your images… so now what??? Deciding where and how to display the images from your session can be overwhelming. There are so many different options, especially if you choose to do custom framing. One of my favorite products I offer to clients is custom framing… I love helping my clients decide which sizes and frame finishes will look best in their space and helping them visualize how it will look by designing a custom wall art display.

But for those of you that don’t want to do custom framing and are trying to decide what size prints to order for your walls, 11×14 fine art prints are my favorite size because they are so versatile and you can hang them in groupings that will look great in different spaces.

In fact, looking around my house I have more 11×14 prints than any other size. The pictures above are some pictures from our family session with Lentille Photography a couple of years ago. These are 11×14 prints framed in a 16×20 frame. I bought these frames at Home Goods, but you can find many different options of frames at other stores, such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Hanging the prints in a group of four like this works well when your wall space is tall and narrow. If the space is wider, you could also turn the frames horizontally.

I also love to hang this size picture in groups of three. Below is a picture of our entryway that displays some pictures I took at the farm. These are also 16×20 frames that I purchased from Home Goods, but I bought custom 8×10 mats and used 8×10 prints in these because I liked the look of the wider mats with the farm pictures.

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As you can see, in my home I love to hang groupings of pictures instead of hanging one large picture. That way you can display more images from your session. Another reason I prefer groupings is that one day you may move into a different house that will have different wall space. With a grouping, you can break up the pictures into different groups or hang them individually if it works better in your new space. You’re not stuck with one large picture that looked good on a particular wall that may not look good in your new space.

What are your favorite ways to display your family images? If you have any favorite ways to display your images, I would love to hear from you… Just click here to contact me. Also, I would love to see some pictures of how my clients have displayed their framed portraits!