When to Book your Maternity Session in Houston

When to Book Your Maternity Session in Houston

If you’re wondering when to book your maternity session in Houston, this blog post will give you some guidance. I often get asked by clients when is the best time to book their maternity session. Although I’ve done many sessions later in pregnancy, if you plan enough in advance, I typically recommend doing the session when mom is around 28=32 weeks. There are a few reasons why I recommend doing your session during this time frame.

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First, your baby bump is well defined, but you’re not at the stage where you’re feeling uncomfortable. If you do the session too early your bump won’t be well defined yet, but if you wait too late then you’re eventually going to start feeling uncomfortable. Ideally you want to do the session when you’re in that perfect stage of your baby bump being just big enough without being at that uncomfortable stage yet. I’ve found around 28-32 weeks is that perfect timing for most moms. Of course, that can vary– Some moms have tiny baby bumps and may want to wait a bit later.

When to book your maternity session in Houston

You also don’t want to wait so late that you could possibly go on bed rest or the baby may decide to come early. Getting the session done early will be one less thing on your to do list as the baby’s arrival gets closer.

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If you’re just starting to think about planning your maternity session, I hope this post was helpful for you! If you’d like more information or have questions about a maternity session, I’d love to chat with you! You can contact me through my website and I’ll get back with you soon! Maternity sessions are a favorite at Brittany Avenue Photography, and we make the process easy for new moms by providing a wardrobe and styling, as well as providing a hair and make up artist that can come to the studio or your home to get you picture ready for your session.

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