What to expect at your newborn session

What to expect at your newborn session

What to expect at your newborn session

Moms are often unsure of what to expect at their newborn session, especially first time moms! I know as a new mom or mom-to-be you have a lot on your plate already, so I try to make the process as easy as possible and make sure you’re prepared before the big day.

What to expect for your newborn session
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What to wear

One of moms’ first questions is usually “what should I wear?” or “what does the baby need to wear?”. Thankfully I’ve got you covered for that! I have a client wardrobe of beautiful dresses for mom’s that photograph beautifully for maternity and new moms. Before your session I’ll send you pictures of what I have in your size, or you’re welcome to come by the studio in advance for a wardrobe consultation. If you would rather wear something of your own or buy something special for your session, I have a Wardrobe Style guide that I send to my clients in advance of their session with tips on what to wear, where to shop, etc. (Some of my favorite places to shop for moms… Vici, Baltic Born and Free People).

For the baby, I have wraps in various neutral and light colors, dainty headbands for baby girls, blankets and a basket that we can use for the individual pictures. Dads and siblings are typically pretty easy to find clothing for… my style guide has a ton of suggestions for them as well.

What to expect at your newborn session

What to bring

Before your session I’ll send you an e-mail with some prep tips to help ensure baby sleeps well for the session. For a studio session, it’s helpful to bring a pacifier with you… even if baby isn’t taking a pacifier it may be needed during the session to soothe them. I also ask that baby come dressed in something easy to take off (i.e. buttons or zips down the front, as opposed to something that has to go over their head) . The easier it is to take it off to wrap them, the less chances that they’ll wake up.

Session workflow

Once I get baby wrapped, if they’re still sleeping I’ll always start with the individual shots of baby. (The only exception to this is if there’s a toddler aged sibling then we’ll start with the family and sibling pictures because toddlers typically have a short time window where they’ll willingly participate!). If baby isn’t sleeping, we’ll start with some of the family and parent pictures to give baby some time to fall asleep. If baby is having a hard time falling asleep, we’ll take a quick break for mom to feed the baby and hopefully that will get them to sleep!


I could write an entire post on sibling/ newborn pictures… I think the most important thing as a mom is to try not to stress about it. There is definitely an adjustment period for toddlers and young children when their baby brother or sister is brought home from the hospital. It can be tough for them to learn to share mom and dad’s attention! Asking them to do anything during those few weeks can be a struggle… but I have some tips and tricks that I use to help them to cooperate, so just relax and let me do my thing… I’ll let you know if I need you to step in to direct them.

Session length

A studio session can last between 2-3 hours. I know this may seem like a long, but we’re on baby’s schedule so we may have to stop for feedings and to soothe them back to sleep.

Any other questions about what to expect at a newborn session? Feel free to send me a message and I’m happy to answer any questions you have!